Why are Destination Weddings so popular? - A Day To Remember
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Why are Destination Weddings so popular?

Why are Destination Weddings so popular?

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments in your life!  But now that you are engaged, does the thought of planning your wedding leave you feeling overwhelmed?  Good news-we are here to help!  Have you considered a destination wedding?  It can be a great alternative to a traditional, hometown wedding and here’s why…

  • Neutral Territory – most couples today don’t live in the town they grew up in.  You left the nest when you attended college out of state, then graduated and moved to another place to start your career.  And on top of that, all of your college friends moved across the country, and your fiance’s parents and siblings are spread out over the globe.  Having a destination wedding can bring all of these people together in one location, that is neutral territory, for all to celebrate your big day.
  • Your Money Goes Further – have you seen how much a traditional wedding costs today?  The average wedding in the U.S. runs $26,000, rising as high as $60,000 in larger cities!  Gone are the days of running off to a Las Vegas wedding chapel with Elvis as your officiant!  The good news is that destination weddings offer an attractive, affordable option.
  • You want Fireworks and Fire Dancers? – Brides want what they want.  It used to be that you had to choose pre-packaged wedding bundles, but today your destination wedding can be completely customized to your desires.  A Day to Remember and Elite Escapes can work with you and your chosen resort’s on-site wedding planner to customize your wedding.  From fire dancers, to mariachi bands, color coordinated linens and flowers, fireworks and more!
  • 96 Hour Reception – A destination wedding is a great way to celebrate with friends and family for more than just 2 hours at the reception.  Many couples often say that once their wedding day is over, that they wish it could have lasted longer.  With a destination wedding, you and your guests can celebrate for multiple days and enjoy a vacation as well.
  • There is a Place for Everyone – Finding the perfect resort for your destination wedding is the most difficult piece of the planning.  From adults-only to family-friendly, there are many different styles to fit every couple and their family and friends.  Many resort chains have multiple properties in one destination, allowing you to hold the ceremony at one upscale resort while your guests stay at the other properties to accommodate various budgets and needs.
  • Exciting Incentives – Many resorts offer a test drive pre-wedding visit for couples considering a destination wedding to see the resort and wedding decor options, speak with the on-site wedding planner, or pick out the reception menu.  Plus, many resorts offer incentives and credits for the wedding couple and for each guest that attends.
  • Picture Perfect Locations – If you have dreamt of exchanging your vows on a white sandy beach overlooking turquoise blue waters, or perhaps a vineyard setting in Tuscany, destination weddings offer the opportunity for you to have the world as your backdrop!

We know you have more questions about your destination wedding!  Contact us here and we will be in touch!

-Leah D