Wedding Officiant in Evansville, Indiana

Wedding Officiant in Evansville, Indiana

About a year ago we wrote a blog titled How Do You Choose A Qualified Wedding Officiant.


I thought we would share a couple stories from the past year from our couples:


Situation 1:  Bride contacts the office 6 weeks before her wedding date at Neu Chapel.  A friend of hers had agreed last year to officiate the wedding.  She contacted him a week ago and he said (in her words) “he can’t do it now because he has to get re-certified or something”.  She was slightly panicking that she couldn’t find anyone and was glad she found us on Google.  Since the officiant was a friend there was no initial deposit and there was no formal contract.  For the bride and groom, that was wonderful news. One less thing they have to worry about and it’s free!  But, now that he backed out what else can they do but try and find someone else?


Situation 2:  Groom contacts the office 1 week before the wedding date.  Their officiant is a family friend that lives in another state.  Many months ago he verbally promised that he could officiate. Somehow it wasn’t until right before the wedding that officiant realized he couldn’t preside over the ceremony because his Internet ordination was not good in Indiana.  We were able to accommodate the ceremony time, but needless to say he was in panic mode.


Having owned our business for 8 years, these stories are not uncommon.  Unfortunately, we are not always able to accommodate the panicked couples, especially if it falls on a date where we already have 2-3 weddings.


So, as a bride or groom yourself, what can you do to prevent this? First, read our blog post link from above!   Second, ask yourself if you are comfortable with not having a legally binding contract or deposit with your officiant.  Third, ask yourself if your wedding officiant is professional in their business habits, or if he/she is only an officiant when it is convenient, leaving the door open for unprofessional behavior?


Have questions regarding our business and how our officiants are experienced?  Please contact us here and we would love to answer any questions you may have!


-Reverend Thomas and Leah Dugan