Wedding in God’s Garden, Newburgh, Indiana

Wedding in God’s Garden, Newburgh, Indiana

One of the best parts of working with our couples is going to the different venues in our Tri-State area of Evansville, Newburgh, Gibson, Posey and Henderson counties.  On August 29 we had the pleasure of officiating for the first time at God’s Garden in Newburgh, Indiana.  This is a privately owned outdoor area on the riverfront.  As you can see from the pictures below, this is not a large area.  This wedding was set up for about 90 guests.  Parking can be difficult because there is not a parking lot, so guests must park on side streets.  And if it were to rain, there is no “plan B”.  For this wedding their reception was right up the road at 20 West, so if it were to rain they were going to get married there.  Not every couple has this option though so it is something to keep in mind.   Under the gazebo there is a ceiling fan and some lighting.  By the time the ceremony was over it was about 6:00pm and the sun was setting fast.  For an evening wedding, especially in the Fall, we highly suggest making sure the lights are on.  Otherwise it will be very dark in the gazebo and your photographer will thank you later for providing a little bit of light.

We started working with Matthew and Courtney in June.  They were living in Nashville, TN, and couldn’t decide on where to have their wedding:  back home in the Evansville area or their new home in Nashville.  Also, Matthew is in the military and deployment was potentially looming.  Courtney’s mother contacted us asking for suggestions in our area and for wedding vendors that could help them plan.  Matthew and Courtney are wine lovers and decided that they wanted to incorporate a unity wine symbolism into their ceremony.  This idea was new for us, so we did some research and came up with the following that they loved:

Matthew and Courtney have chosen to symbolize the blending of their two lives into one with a wine ceremony.

One carafe contains red wine representing the deep richness of the love in their hearts and the robust energy which keeps their loving relationship going.

The other carafe contains white wine, fermented in oak barrels, it represents the strength of a loving marriage and a lingering taste in their soul for the love they feel for each other. They will combine the two wines into the common cup, creating a rosé, which is symbolic of their blending together through a committed relationship in marriage.

Matthew and Courtney, as you take home the wine not used today, the carafe should be viewed as a reminder of the lasting commitment that you are making today.

Their ceremony was beautifully coordinated by Veronica Hamilton.  The violinist added a special touch before and after the ceremony.  All in all, it was a perfect evening.  Many times we work with couples that do not live close to home anymore, but want to come home for their wedding to celebrate with family and friends.  If you are in this position and are having a difficult time finding an officiant please contact us!

Below are a few pictures we took from Matthew and Courtney’s ceremony:

Violinist at God's Garden, Newburgh, IN

Violinist at God’s Garden, Newburgh, IN

God's Garden, Newburgh, IN

God’s Garden, Newburgh, IN

Wedding in God's Garden, Newburgh, IN

Wedding in God’s Garden, Newburgh, IN

Reverend Dugan officiating in God's Garden, Newburgh, IN

Reverend Dugan officiating in God’s Garden, Newburgh, IN