Vow Renewals - A Day To Remember
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Vow Renewals

Vow Renewals

We get the question every once in awhile, “Do you do a lot of vow renewals?”  Honestly, no we don’t.  Maybe once a year and that is pushing it.  We most definitely offer vow renewals as a service, but the request is not often made.   Why is this you may wonder (and we wonder that too)?


We have a few theories:


1.  Vow renewals usually lack the shine and sparkle of a first wedding.  You don’t normally see the bride in a bright white gown with pearls and sequins.  There may not even be a bridal party.  There may not be an anticipation of celebration for the first dance, the first set of pictures, cutting the cake, etc.


2.  People are busy!  Who has time to plan for a wedding…again?  How many couples that have been married for 10, 20, 30+ years have kids?  Kids are expensive!  They require clothes and cars and college tuitions.


3.  The Divorce rate.  Enough said, right?


So, what is so special about a vow renewal?  Why do couples say I Do for a second time?


We believe it is for every reason listed above.  A vow renewal is a more intimate affair that may involve grown children, or the renewal might be an ‘elopement’  celebrating just the couple.  A vow renewal is not meant to be a redo – it is meant to remind you of your wedding.  Memories will start to come back to you as you walk down the aisle for a second time.  How many years have you grown closer as a couple?  What have you been through together that has only made your relationship stronger?


Vow renewals are not about saying I Do again.  It is about saying, “We Always Will”.

-Reverend Thomas and Leah Dugan