Vow Renewal in Evansville, IN

Vow renewal

Vow Renewal in Evansville, IN

Have you considered celebrating your vow renewal on a milestone anniversary?

Three reasons to consider renewing your vows:

  • Your many years of marriage has went through many ups and downs.  You have managed to persevere and are choosing to re-commit because reaching the “for better” side of your relationship deserves to be celebrated.
  • Your first marriage may not have included your children.  Not only will this be a moment to re-live for you and your spouse, but now your children can be part of your special moment.
  • Your first marriage may not have been what you wanted it to be.  Celebrate your vow renewal in style or even in a far-away destination (because we do that too!).

A vow renewal ceremony is different than the first wedding ceremony.  The officiant will reflect on your married life and the events that have led you to this point.  The officiant will also speak about the future and how your married life will continue to change at the different stages in your life.

Some of the original aspects of the ceremony will remain:  vow exchange, maybe a special ceremony e.g. blessing of the hands or a honey ceremony, and the ring exchange if you are adding onto your wedding set.

Our officiants will travel to several different settings in our Tri-State area around Evansville, IN.  Please contact us if you have questions about your own vow renewal!

-Reverend Thomas and Leah Dugan