Veil, Cord, and Coins symbolism in a Wedding Ceremony

Veil, Cord, and Coins symbolism in a Wedding Ceremony

Very recently we officiated a wedding where the bride and groom incorporated her Filipino heritage with a veil, cord, and coins symbolism ceremony.

To honor her parents the bride specifically requested that this symbolism ceremony be incorporated into the wedding ceremony.  This type of symbolism ceremony is not meant for the average wedding, but it is a good example of how we can customize each of our wedding ceremonies to fit our clients’ needs.

Cord, Veil, and Cord Filipino Ceremony

Minister:  Todd and Katie have chosen to honor Katie’s Filipino heritage by including a traditional Veil, Cord, and Coin symbolic ceremony.

 (2 attendants place the veil over the Bride and Groom)

Todd and Katie, this veil covers you today reminding you and us that Christ covers us in his love. Your new home will be a place where God dwells because you have chosen to live under the mantel of His love.

(2 attendants will place the cord over the Bride and Groom)

The Cord looped and crossed in the center, a symbol of Infinity, is wrapped around you to symbolize the Blessed Trinity; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit who are one and the same. This cord without beginning or end symbolizes this same union and the infinite nature of your marriage.

In Ecclesiastes 4:  9-12, Solomon speaks of ‘two’:

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their toil.

For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow;

But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up.

Again, if two lie together, they are warm;

But how can one be warm alone?

And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him.


Let this cord be a symbol of your union, a sign of your bond to each other, your inseparable unity, and that you will walk this Earth as equals.


In the old tradition there was an understanding of husband as “bread winner” and wife as “home maker”.   These coins were given and received not in a spirit of reciprocity, but in a give/take relationship.

Nowadays the coins are a reminder of good stewardship for all couples; that you will mutually support each other, your children and the world around you.

May God bless these coins that symbolize mutual support and responsibility.

(Officiant hands coins to groom out of silk purse. As groom speaks he gives the coins to the bride)

Minister:  Todd, please repeat after me:

Katie, I give you these coins, as a pledge of my dedication to you, my willingness to care for you, and our home.

(As bride speaks she gives the coins back to the groom)

Minister:  Katie, please repeat after me:

I accept them, and in the same way, pledge my dedication to you, the care of our home, and the welfare of our children.

(Groom puts coins back into silk purse and keeps them or gives to Best Man)


After the ceremony we ended with a prayer and the 2 attendants came back to the altar and removed the cord and veil.

It was a lovely ceremony and the bride’s mother was especially happy the couple incorporated this symbolic ceremony.  The veil that was used had been in the family for many years 🙂

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-Leah D.