Unique Wedding Ceremony

Unique Wedding Ceremony

One of the ways to make your wedding ceremony unique and personal is to add in your own special touch.  Here is a good example:  One of our past couples were both French majors, so they said their vows to each other in French.  That was a moment that they were able to share privately as only they knew the language that was being spoken.

This is a question that we ask of all our couples:  Is there something unique or special to you, as the couple, that you want added to your ceremony?  It can be a favorite verse from the Bible, a favorite poem or reading, personal vows that are written just for each other, a symbolic ceremony, etc.

We pride ourselves on being able to build a ceremony with our couples that truly reflects their relationship, not repeating the same ceremony over and over again.  For us, that’s not being authentic and our couples don’t appreciate the repetitive cookie-cutter ceremonies.  There are many details that go into making a wedding unique; the ceremony should be a vital part of that as well.

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-Revered Thomas and Leah Dugan