How to Choose Your Wedding Officiant

How to Choose Your Wedding Officiant

Engagement season is in full swing!  Over 1/3 of all engagements happen during the holiday season.  Our advice to couples:  Start planning early.  In many cases, early planning will save you stress, be easier on your wallet, and you will get your most wanted wedding professionals.

We re-visit this topic every year at this time because it is a good topic to revisit:  How do you choose a qualified wedding officiant?  In the article we touch on many topics from professionalism to references to attire.  Our best referral source are our past couples, so professionalism remains our highest goal.

We are excited to be adding a fifth wedding officiant in 2016 that will be more focused on our agnostic clients and how to fit their needs the best.  Our officiants each have their own niche, and we strive to serve everyone in our Tri-State area.  Our business is ever-changing and we are adapatable!  As our new officiant comes on board with us we will highlight him on our Facebook page, as well as re-visit why he is needed in our area.

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-Reverend Thomas and Leah Dugan