Honey Unity Ceremony

Honey Unity Ceremony

We are always reminding our brides and grooms that personalizing your wedding ceremony makes it even more memorable and can make for wonderful photo opportunities!

Jillian and Samuel are getting married in the next couple weeks and their request was to have a honey symbolism ceremony (or unity ceremony).  This was the first time we had heard of this type of unity ceremony so we did some research.  The roots of a honey unity ceremony is based in Persia and there are many different ways to incorporate honey into a wedding ceremony.  After speaking with the bride and groom this is what they have chosen:

(Officiant, Bride, and Groom, step up to the table holding the honey.  There should be 2 small containers, one for the bride and one for the groom.  Bride and Groom pick up their containers before Officiant begins…)


Minister:  Samuel and Jillian, a lot of work goes into making a marriage.  As you grow in your love it will take work, like the hard work of honey bees. Honey bees never sleep, they are diligent and persistent, and they are devoted to the hive and will sacrifice their lives to protect it. We would do well to learn from them in our devotion, sacrifice, and diligence to make the sweet choice of love in marriage.  And just like honey, you two are a special creation. God, as it says in Psalm 139, created you and that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Two individuals with unique and special qualities. But today you are becoming one. And right now the honey you hold is like your life, unique and special, but today you are giving it to each other.


(Bride dips her pinky finger in the honey and feeds Groom; Groom does the same to Bride while Officiant speaks)


Minister:  As you share this honey, may you in perfect love and devotion, share your lives together, and may you find life’s joys double gladdening, its bitterness sweetened and all things hollowed by time, companionship and love.


(Officiant, Bride and Groom return back to original spots)


Simple, yet meaningful.

There are many different symbolism ceremonies that can be incorporated into a wedding.  Contact us here to discuss the ideas you have!

-Leah D.