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Hand-Fasting Symbolism Ceremony

Hand-Fasting Symbolism Ceremony

Hand-fasting symbolism ceremonies come and go as trends.  There are several You Tube videos that show how a hand-fasting ceremony is usually done.  Usually, the bride and groom stand in front of the minister while he/she is talking and completing the ceremony.  Our opinion is that this is very impersonal.  The couple are “bystanders” in their own wedding ceremony.

When a couple wants a hand-fasting ceremony we like to suggest the option of using the hand-fasting as your vows.



Example of a Hand-Fasting Ceremony

Prior to the ceremony the couple purchases 6 different colors of cord.  Each cord color represents a specific element:  love and friendship, growth and romance, encouragement and individuality, etc.

During the ceremony someone in the front row would be holding onto the cords.  When the time is right the cords can be handed off to a member of the bridal party.  As the minister is announcing each cord and what it represents that cord is handed to the minister, which is then laid across the clasped hands of the couple:

Minister:  Orange represents encouragement and individuality. Do you promise to love one another for both your strengths as well as imperfections? Do you promise to always encourage one another to ensure you succeed as an individual as well as a family?

Bride:  I do (as she is speaking she is wrapping the cord once or twice around their clasped hands)

Groom:  I do (he does the same action as the bride)


Minister:  Pink symbolizes love and friendship. Do you both promise to keep the friendship you have with one another so that your love will always grow?

Bride:  I do (as she is speaking she is wrapping the cord once or twice around their clasped hands)

Groom:  I do (he does the same action as the bride)


And so on….until all the cords are used.  The final result will look similar to this:

Hand-fasting ceremony


The simple action of the couple wrapping each other’s hand can symbolize the bond that they are creating and the vows that they are making to each other.  Taking an active role should give more meaning to the hand-fasting than letting someone else do the wrapping.

If you are worried that you will look silly trying to figure out how to wrap each other’s hands, don’t be!  You can practice at home before the wedding day.  It’s not difficult!  Traditionally, when a couple’s hands are bound together they stayed bound for several days after the wedding.  In this day and age we know that can’t happen!  One item to practice would be not to wrap your hands so tight you can’t get your hands out because you do need to complete the rest of the wedding ceremony.  It will be difficult to exchange rings if your hands are tied together 🙂


Questions about hand-fasting or other symbolism ceremonies?  Contact us here!

-Leah D.