The Benefits of a Custom Wedding Ceremony

The Benefits of a Custom Wedding Ceremony

When Tom and I first started the business it was with the intention to allow couples to have the wedding ceremony that they wanted, with guidance and suggestion from their officiant and us. Almost 9 years later we continue this intention.  Why is this so important to us?  Here’s why:

Before A Day to Remember Wedding Services came into existence Tom’s cousin was set to get married in New Harmony.  She was living in Missouri and her fiance was living in Southern Illinois. They both commuted twice a month to New Harmony for 6 months of counseling, which was the requirement set forth by the pastor.  On the day of the wedding, the happy couple was surprised to hear during the ceremony that none of what they had discussed with the pastor was in the ceremony.  It was very generic, not personal, and actually a little awkward at times, due to the layout and flow of the ceremony.  The pastor acted like he barely knew them, let alone had spent the last 6 months talking with them.  Two months later we started A Day to Remember Wedding Services with the intention of never having our couples go through a cookie-cutter ceremony.

We want our couples to have the freedom to make their wedding ceremony what they want it to be.  With having officiated over 300 ceremonies combined, we can provide suggestions on readings, symbolism ceremonies, unique vows, poems, family blessings, etc.  Our couples can have the very short and simple to the lengthy and intricate wedding ceremony.  From the traditional to the most secular.

If you are planning your wedding and need an officiant please contact us!  We can answer any of your questions!

-Leah D.