Author:Leah Dugan

Wedding ceremony poem: On Marriage

We are working with a couple that is wanting a more spiritual ceremony rather than a religious ceremony. It can be difficult to find readings and passages that are not religiously-based, yet still speak about love and marriage. One of the bride's favorite books is...

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How to Choose Your Wedding Officiant

Engagement season is in full swing!  Over 1/3 of all engagements happen during the holiday season.  Our advice to couples:  Start planning early.  In many cases, early planning will save you stress, be easier on your wallet, and you will get your most wanted wedding...

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The Art of Marriage

The Art of Marriage A close friend of mine has been struggling in her marriage for the past 6 months.  This friend has been married for 23 years, all of their children are almost off to college, her husband owns his own business and travels frequently,...

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