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Our Story


The idea of bringing A Day To Remember Wedding Services, LLC to life came when we (Tom and Leah) wanted to get married.  Living in Evansville, Indiana, if you are not a member of a church or do not know a minister or someone who is ordained, the option of getting married locally is slim to none.  We, like many others before us, went to Gatlinburg.  Just a few months later as we were looking through our photo album we began to question why there is not an accessible minister in Evansville that can provide his/her services to couples.  Thus, A Day To Remember Wedding Services was born.  When we started our business in 2007 it was with the goal of having an easy and affordable way for couples to get married. We wanted to bring to our area a service that was much needed. Fast forward 10 years later and our goal remains the same! We now have 4 ordained ministers that are able to officiate weddings in Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois and Kentucky. Our services are non-denominational and our ceremonies are fully customizable. Our officiants are not affiliated with a specific religious group nor are they tied to a local church. They can travel to the location of the couples choosing.

A Day to Remember Wedding Services is also a strong supporter and advocate of marriage equality.  We are committed to creating a culture that reflects the diversity of our clients.  With that goal in mind, we encourage our officiants to understand, accept, and celebrate differences among people.  We welcome everyone and prohibit all discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, religion, phsyical ability, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender.