Romance in the South Pacific Islands - A Day To Remember
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Romance in the South Pacific Islands

Romance in the South Pacific Islands

Tahiti, Fiji, the Cook Islands…it’s all romantic paradise!  Pull up a hammock and let’s talk crystal clear waters, over-water bungalows, and fresh, local food…

The South Pacific is probably on everyone’s bucket list.  I have yet to meet a person that doesn’t want to stay the night in an overwater bungalow and jump off their deck in the morning for an early snorkeling adventure.  And the food!  Besides the seafood, Tahiti is known for their homemade ice cream and pizza.  The islands can accommodate many special diets including gluten-free and vegan.

One of the dettering factors that keep couples from visiting this part of the world is the flight.  From the Midwest you really have to commit to traveling several hours with a few different flights, and then a boat ride or puddle jumper to get to these small islands.  The South Pacific is not a place to visit for 5 nights and even 7 nights is pushing it.  However, if you have the time to make it to the best exotic beach destination it is unequivocally, totally worth the time and effort.

I consider the South Pacific Islands to be one of the most romantic beach destinations.  More than 80% of tourists to Tahiti each year are celebrating their honeymoon or getting married.  Fiji is getting on board with this trend and have a few resorts that are now adults only.  While the Cook Islands is comprised of only 3 islands they now have over-water bungalows on Aitutaki.  The smallness of the resorts lends itself to passion and being connected to your partner.  You have the ability to privately dine on a sandbar and eat a picnic lunch for 2.  Couples can have a private candlelit dinner on a deserted beach.  In Fiji, the couples massages are outside in the rainforest, and all that is between you and nature is a white sheet (if that!).

Romance in the South Pacific can easily be found, but planning is a must!  Contact us with your questions about celebrating your next romantic milestone in the South Pacific Islands.

-Leah D.