Real Honeymoon: European River Cruise - A Day To Remember
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Real Honeymoon: European River Cruise

The Story of Majorie and Cliff

Real Honeymoon: European River Cruise

I met Cliff and Marjorie through a previous honeymoon couple that had spent their honeymoon in Europe.  Marjorie called the office knowing that they wanted to honeymoon in Europe, but didn’t know what they wanted to do or where they wanted to go.


I met with Cliff and Marjorie and we discussed several different ideas.  Europe is a large, vast area!  There are so many options for entertainment, sightseeing tours, it can be overwhelming.  One of the main questions we kept coming back to was:  what do you want your experience to be?


Since they were celebrating their honeymoon, they wanted romance and a chance to have time to themselves.  They also wanted to experience the country, but not feel like they need a vacation from their honeymoon when they return home.  Self-identified “foodies”, their main must-have was excellent food and wine.


I threw out the idea of a River Cruise.  Neither Cliff or Marjorie had cruised before, but that was a good thing!  A River Cruise is in no way comparable to the typical big cruise-liners in the Caribbean. They latched on to the idea quickly.  They loved that they could see Europe with a great view from their room, have the smallness of a floating hotel and not feel over-run by others, experience the country with guided groups and VIP events, and have a romantic experience as well.


They chose a 13-day River Cruise from Amsterdam to Vienna!  Upon their return this is the experience they had and included a few pictures:



I don’t know where to begin to tell you how wonderful our honeymoon was!  I dread sitting here at my computer thinking about the food I’m missing out on!  Cliff and I want to say “Thank You” very sincerely.  I can’t tell you how many times we looked at each other and said, “We need to tell Leah about this!”  You were definitely with us in spirit!  Our room was gorgeous.  We spent every morning and evening on our balcony just enjoying the view.   We really enjoyed Cologne.  The architecture is beautiful and the locals were so nice to us!  We never felt uncomfortable and spent a lot of time in the city by ourselves.  What can I tell you about the food and drinks??  Half of our pictures are of pastry shops, wine and cheese, all our meals on the ship and in the city!   A donut at home doesn’t stand up to the Berliner {German doughnut}!  Please enjoy a few pictures from our trip and share them with your other couples who are interested in Europe.  They won’t be disappointed!!    



If you are considering a European River Cruise, I would love to help you plan your next dream destination!  Contact me with more information about yourselves and the experience you want to have.


-Leah D